Store Manager for osCommerce
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Store Manager for osCommerce Benefis
  • Complete and Most Effective Product Management
  • Much Easier Order Management
  • Powerful and Quick Reporting
  • Intuitive, User-Friendly Interface
  • Get Started in Minutes more...

What is Store Manager for CRE Loaded?

Store Manager for CRE Loaded is a Windows application to quickly and effectively manage your CRE Loaded store. Management of products, categories, product attributes, orders and a lot of other things is much more convenient and faster with this tool, do not waste your time with routine tasks - automate store maintenance.

5 Store Manager for CRE Loaded killer features!

  1. Easy management of categories, products, discounts and coupons
  2. Handle customers, orders and manufacturers in a simple way
  3. Import/export products, customers and orders
  4. Sophisticated sales and marketing Reports
  5. Ready for Adwords, QuickBooks, ICECat integration

Store Manager for CRE Loaded Success Story

Kimball Wilson,

Our company name is Data iTool. We provide EDI and Shopping Cart integrations to various ERP/Accounting Systems. We have experience integrating the CRE Loaded Shopping Cart with our customer's ERP/Accounting Systems using the CRE Loaded Store Manager with makes the setup very easy.

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Store Manager for CRE Loaded News

  • Jan 04, 2014
    If you are running CRE Loaded store and offer merchandise that come in variations (colour, size), you will not go without CRE Loaded Product options. Applying options to certain product you will create one item and, when coming to your store and reaching this product, customers will be able to adjust the purchase and select options they need. In such a way, you do not need to add abundance of irasv

  • Dec 30, 2013
    A New Year Coming is a great time to celebrate and have fun, leaving all the tedious tasks and difficult job at least for a few days. How to enjoy the holiday not being worried about your e-shop? The best way to celebrate is to get smart software that will help you to manage your store in much more fast and approachable manner saving you hours and even days you usually spend on daily store Maria

  • Dec 24, 2013
    Festive season is upon us and it means that it is time to celebrate. Hope you will enjoy every cheerful holiday moment, but if you decide to contact us during this period, here is schedule we will be working these days: Wednesday December, 24th - Friday December, 27th - Open* Saturday December, 28th - Sunday December, 29th – Closed Monday December, 30th - Open* Tuesday December, 31st - Maria

  • Dec 23, 2013
    Christmas holiday is fast approaching! Preparations are in the full swing here and there. Christmas tree fragrance, splendid decorations, traditional holiday markets, reindeers and, of course, he, Santa Claus. Doesn’t it seem as if we spend an entire year waiting for the anticipated season to arrive? Except of cheer and wonder, Christmas is filled with gifts and surprises. People all over the irasv

  • Nov 05, 2013
    eMagicOne company is glad to announce that we have established long-term cooperation with Loaded Commerce and have started development of completely new functionally enhanced Store Manager for Loaded Commerce 7. We are joining our efforts with the aim to develop the software that will help online retailers to grow their business and achieve their goals much faster. Congratulations to all Maria

What is CRE Loaded?

CRE Loaded is one of the most popular shopping carts on the web. It offers unlimited categories, products and product-options, registered and unregistered shopping cart, customizable tax options, multiple shipping and payment modules, special prices, banner management, and much more options. And it is licensed as open-source.

"CRE Loaded" is registered trademark of CRE Loaded project.



Customers Testimonials

  • Jul 17, 2012
    Customer Testimonials
    Since using Store Manager for CRE Loaded i have been able to do more for my business by saving a lot of time and effort. I used to spend many hours in a week updating products/pricing, and that has cut that way down. Now I can concentrate on the business rather than doing tedious work. The support is also excellent, whenever i needed help in something they helped solve my problem in a quick courteous manner.

    Customer Testimonials

  • Jul 20, 2011
    Customer Testimonials
    MagneticOne has been a life saver allowing me to free-up lots of time and explore critical configuration aspects of my store that I would not have known how to begin accessing and configuring had it not been for M1 Store Manager. Thanks for making these tasks less time consuming and painless.

    Wayne S.,
    Customer Testimonials

  • Feb 28, 2011
    Customer Testimonials
    This software has cut my time in half of updating and adding new listings, the ease of working Meta Tags is the best part, not only do I use the Store Manager but I also use the Mass Product Changer & Automated Product Importer, in my option all great products use and offer the assistance that I needed.

    Customer Testimonials

  • Oct 19, 2010
    Customer Testimonials
    I have to say this product is great! I have been trying to find a way that was cost effective to run my website from top to bottom. This software has it all. I can check orders quickly, notify my customers of the status of their orders with customized emails, get printed reports and records of how well my sales are going and loads more. When I got the demo version of this I was exited about it, trialled it for a month or so on a working website, and it did everything I needed and more. So i bought it, the best investment I have made to date I think. I now use it to run 3 websites, and I can keep track of everything very quickly and easy. Great work guys, you have made affordable what many others charge a fortune for. Excellent!

    Eoin Healy,
    Customer Testimonials

  • Sep 17, 2010
    Customer Testimonials
    We now have 5 modules from MagneticOne and they are all very powerful. The tools are much needed functionality to CRELoaded, make management easier and the service by MagnecticOne is fanstastic. We use the Store manager (invaluable), the PowerSEO, Export, Affiliate and the Sitemap, and they are all exceptional.

    Pravin Raghvani,
    Customer Testimonials